How to Fix a Small Dent

You’re at the grocery store. You finally finished shopping and you’re ready to go home. You get to your car, and as you get closer you notice something. When you inspect it you notice that someone dinged your car while you were shopping. It’s small – but noticeable. 

Finding a dent in your car can instantly ruin your day, especially if it’s a rather new car. However, if the dent isn’t too big there is hope! Removing small dents from your car door or roof can be a very simple process, and there are multiple ways of doing it!

Method 1: The Plunger 

This common household item can be your first weapon against that pesky dent! For this method, make sure you’re using a cup plunger rather than a flange plunger. This plunger is meant for sinks and will have a better grasp on your vehicle’s body.

A plunger and some water are the only resources you’ll need for this method. Grab a cup of water and pour it on to your plunger. Then, pour the remaining water on to the dent. This will allow the plunger to seal around the dent. The rest is exactly how you’d un-clog your sink. Just keep plunging away until the dent pops out. In the end, if the dent was big enough there still may be a few smaller dents left over, but overall it will look much better than it did before. 

Method 2: Boiling Water

This method is meant to be used if the dent in question is located on your bumper. All you need a kettle and boiling water – the heat of the water allows the plastic in the bumper to flex itself and pop into place. Once you see it pop, be sure to pour cold water on it in order to shrink the plastic back. 

This method may not work on older cars. Newer urethane parts can do this with no ill effect, but older cars may have their paint messed up once it makes contact with the boiling water. Be sure to know what material your bumper is made from when doing this. 

Method 3: Hair Dryer

For this method, you will need a few materials:

• Insulated rubber gloves

• Can of compressed air

• Hair dryer

• Aluminum

The first step is to apply heat to the dented panel. Blow hot air over the dent for around two minutes. Set the hair dryer at medium and hold the hair dryer between 5 to 7 inches away. Now get out that can of compressed air and spray it onto the dent. The instant change from hot to cold can reshape your car exterior. Word of warning however, the extreme cold has been known to damage paint so be extra cautious with this method!

Method 4: Metal Work Hammer

This method can be used if you can access the back of the dent; on the hood, for instance. This is the simplest method to use. All you’ll need is a metal work hammer and a cloth. Once the other side of the dent is accessed, hammer the dent back into shape. The cloth should be used as a buffer, as to not damage the metal. You don’t need to hammer it hard – just gently tap it until you see it form back to its original shape. 

Nothing is worse than finding a dent on your car. It can ruin your day, especially if you have a newer vehicle. However, these dents can be an easy fix! As long as you have the right materials, and some patience, you can get rid of these dents without issue!